Galway Slings is run by a group of parents who have found slings a fantastic way of caring for our babies and children.  With the support of Babywearing Ireland we run babywearing mornings as a support for parents  and caregivers who use slings or who wish to learn about the various carriers that are available.  Galway Slings is run by a group of experienced babywearers – Olwen Rowe, Claire Kelly, Sarah Conroy, Karolina Sexton, Gwen Cantwell and Rachel McTigue.

We have an extensive lending library with a range of different slings that can be rented.  You’ll find a list of available slings here.  We hope to expand our range over time. We are a non-for-profit community group and all proceeds from rental costs will go towards the upkeep of the sling library and to purchase new slings so that we can increase the range of slings we have available.  If you wish to rent from our library, please have a look at our Borrowing Terms and Conditions.

For a wider choice of carriers and slings, please get in touch with the Babywearing Ireland National Library. Pictures of carriers and slings available from the National Sling Library, can be viewed on the Babywearing Ireland Facebook Page.

Galway Slings do no recommend, endorse or sell products by any particular manufacturer.

Contact: galwayslings@gmail.com

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